Wednesday, May 30, 2007

When Dylan Went Electric; Part 1,75

Dylan slept a lot that summer after the girl’s death. Not only did the amount of hours he slept at night increase to a good 11 and a half much like it does for most other children when the heat and inactivity of summer holidays make them inclined to morning sluggishness. Dylan also slept during the day, lying on the lawn outside his front porch with his body pulled into the shape of the letter S. He would lie motionless with his face shaded by his arms stretched above his head, leaving no impact on his surroundings apart from making the slender grass leaves in front of his mouth dance slowly to the gush of his deep breath.

Sleep is a peculiar thing. It sedates the bodily functions, bringing with it temporary blindness and disengagement from the external environment. In the summer of 1980, Dylan’s accelerate dive into the innocence and obliviousness of sleep grew into an exercise of recalling and restoring unfamiliarity. Instead of using his sleep as a time for the healing and growth of himself, the electric activity of his brain created voltage differences inside him that pushed him ever closer towards the strangeness of the 6-year old girl he had never even known. It was not her mind but her entire being that he sought. And he restored her to the point where he felt her hands on his skin.

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