Monday, July 9, 2007

Amputee Dating

I am an amputee.

I had my mind amputated right below my left elbow, for the simple reason that I felt someone was biting me. Again and again and again I felt it. It was fun at first, and for a while I would go about my usual business while childishly anticipating the next bite. “But in the long run, who wants anyone biting one's arm below the elbow?”, I asked my doctor, and my question did the trick. He cut my mind on August 13 2004.

It was my 23rd birthday. Not incidentally, though. Not incidentally at all. August 13 happens to be the international lefthanders day. I asked him for available time slots, and when he mentioned August 13 right after June 12 I whispered “I’ll take it” with such intensity he cut his finger on a pair of left-hand scissors he was using to set the date.

“Did you know that in Brazil they believe August 13 to be particularly filled with sorrow?”, I asked him. He didn’t, but smiled and called me a “wise girl” when I told him that long ago I decided to see black cats as omens of good luck, and a broken mirror as a sign of seven years of happiness. “It’s the only way to get through”, I said, and smiled blindly at him as he caressed my left eyelid with his bleeding thumb.

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anna said...

You write beautiully, but I believe you know that. I fly tomorrow, on Friday the 13th. To Scotland. My dearest cat was completely black. He would sleep on my feet till I was 8 years old. Then he died a rather cruel death in a 2 meter high very narrow box on our balcony. Something we didn't discover untill two months later, when the smell got rather nasty.. x from your blond dutch girl