Monday, August 20, 2007

Color Film Characteristics

I have a bruise on my leg, just below my right knee. I don’t think I ever had one like it before. I’ve only had small ones, the size of a quarter at most. But this one is huge.

Although it isn’t exactly square, it measures roughly three by one and a half inch, which makes it 4.5 square inches big. I guess it would be more precise to describe it as elliptical, but calculating the area enclosed by its shape follows a form that’s too difficult for me to understand.

I got it on Friday night, when a boy and a girl danced so excitedly on a beer-soaked floor that they slid and knocked me off my feet. My right knee hit the ground first, and when I got up again the boy and girl were lying on the concrete below me, holding on to each other for dear life, continuing their waltz lying down.

Erica Ceae told me not to worry about it, and said it’s only the capillaries below my knee that are damaged, and my blood seeping into the surrounding tissue. She showed me pictures of bruises far worse than mine, but when she noticed my arms go numb by the sight of them, she suggested we go for coffee instead, while my capillaries healed.

At the counter she ordered an apple and let it drop to the floor, only to show me the impact of it on its red polished skin. “When it hit the ground”, she said, “its water-containing structures broke. In a minute it will have a bruise just like yours”.

Then she lifted my skirt and led her finger follow the elliptical circumference of my bruise, and told me it would soon go purple, black, or blue because of the hemoglobin in my blood breaking down into bilirubin and biliverdin. “Then it fades to yellow”, she whispered. “Just like the letters on the wall on 13th and 4th where it says ‘revolution now’”.

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