Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Daniel Kleinman, Monster, and a stork

I saw this ad this morning and found it absolutely brilliant and beautiful, and imagined how it would be if it were shown in a gallery, a typical white cube one without any other visual interference - sans the finishing line about reaching your potential and your calling calling, and perhaps even with a more stylized and little less comic yawn in the end, just to tie-in with the unrestrainedly fanciful and quaint mis-en-scene.

That's not so say I don't think it works as an ad, because I do. It's just that it's such an aesthetic experience to watch even on youtube, that I wonder what would happen if it were presented like an art work instead. For some reason it reminded me of the work of Danish artist Jesper Just, which I tend to find so beautiful it almost becomes unbearable to watch.

I'm really curious to see if this Daniel Kleinman, who directed it, will get his hands on a full length feature soon.

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