Thursday, March 13, 2008

I Get Scared in Sweden

Drew Barrymore: And if you weren't living in Nova Scotia, where would you live?

Ellen Page: I haven't been to that many places, but I was lucky enough to travel to Portugal - I really loved Lisbon. Also, you look at how progressive Sweden is, or Denmark, or Norway and that area of the world, with what they're doing in regards to alternative energy and social programs and how well they treat their citizens.

Drew Barrymore: I think there was a study recently of the happiest places in the world, and Denmark was one of the top two.

Ellen Page: I'm not surprised, because they they know what they're doing over there.

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Anne said...

jaa... hun har vist fat i noget hende Ellen P. Og så læser hun Murakami... og grøn er yndlingsfarven... Men ham Lou har nu også en pointe... :o)