Monday, April 21, 2008

Mint in a Box

>>Allan Sherwood is a fictional doll character who is part of the Barbie line of toys by Mattel. Created in 1963 and first introduced to the market in 1964, Allan was designed to be the boyfriend of Barbie's friend, Midge. He was also created to be Ken's "buddy." He is currently the only male friend of Ken to be given a surname. The early Allan dolls usually had red hair and brown eyes. Like Ken, Allan was an 11 1/2" doll with straight arms and straight legs. Unlike the first Ken dolls, he had molded hair. A bent-leg Allan doll later appeared. After 1965, no more vintage Alan dolls were produced, but he later returned two times.

In 1991, Alan made his first return for a wedding line when he and Midge were married. The spelling of Allan's name changed to Alan at this time. The Alan dolls sold for the wedding line were available either individually or in a six-doll package. They are currently the only married couple in the Barbie doll line, save for Midge's parents who were later introduced in the Happy Family line. A year after the wedding dolls were released, a promotional picture of Midge and Alan with twin babies was shown in a booklet, but the dolls were never produced. While no more Alan dolls were sold until 2002, Midge dolls did continue to be sold, often as part of a beach line.

In the Happy Family line, which was started in 2002, Midge and Alan were reintroduced as a family with three kids. They had one three-year-old son named Ryan, who was sold packaged with Alan wearing matching outfits. This time, instead of having brown eyes, the Alan dolls had blue eyes. At the same time, Midge was "pregnant" with their next child, Nikki, who was a tiny baby doll inside Midge's plastic pregnant stomach which was held in place with magnets. Some time later, around Nikki's first birthday, Midge was pregnant with another newborn baby, this time not named or given a specific gender. The Happy Family line was the subject of controversy, mainly because many people claimed that Midge's "pregnancy" was inappropriate for children.<<

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