Saturday, April 26, 2008

Shoulders Up! Not breast!

Them Danes, them Danes.

A while back a group of women gathered in one of Copenhagen's public swimming pools and swam around topless to protest the pornofication of the female body.

Today I read in one of the national newspapers that after much discussion it has been engraved in stone that women can decide for themselves whether of not they wish to bathe topless.

When I first read about this I realized that I have become a bit Americanized after all. I wasn't appalled or anything serious like that (not about the bare breasts, that is. Perhaps a little appalled about the American norms and regulations seeping into my brain). Rather, I can't help but find myself a little amazed over the doings of the frivolous Scandinavians. Just like I felt a little baffled the other day when I saw (at least I think I did) a young woman drinking a beer while walking down 2nd Avenue in broad daylight. Something which, on any hot summer day, you'll see masses of waify Danish teenagers do. Only they'll be carrying a couple of full loaded beer cases too. And that's 30 bottles mind you. Not some pussy 6.

What proved I have been even more Americanized - or pornographized perhaps? - was the fact that when reading about the event, I imagined a group of danish good-looking blonds, with full-bodied breasts, giggling around in the pool, occasionally bumping into each other. Breasts touching other breasts. So titillating.

I realize, of course, that that image is exactly what the women were protesting.

I googled for pictures of the event and found that the women really did succeed in making it look anti-pornographic. Most of all they look cold, slightly androgynous, and neither of them look blond or appear to have breasts large enough to behave unruly. The breasts do look like an integrated part of the anatomy. Not the female anatomy. Just the anatomy.

Kind of sexless.

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