Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I've met Mother Earth and her breath stinks worse than a New York garbage can in August

My mother's mini dachshound is named Gaya, named after Mother Earth herself, but before you snicker and think to yourself that the grandeur of her name is really a reflection of her owner's megalomania, let it be noted that she was named long before my mother got her and had her face permanently sewn to her neck. That's where she thrives, you see, held closely against her chest, and with her face tucked in the nook between my mother's neck and shoulder. Or anyone's nook, really.

She really is the most adorable thing ever - my now past-away cross-breed terrier excepted, of course, bless her memory - but whenever you think you are about to pass out from cuteness-overload, she tends to open her mouth, and give you a healthy dose of reality by breathing into your face.

Nature is wise, I tell you.

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