Thursday, October 30, 2008


I was trying to find some info on a bar in Copenhagen and stumpled upon a great European city guide site that I can't figure the name of...

Anyhow, from there I wound up looking at rooms at the Copenhagen hotel Fox, which I have heard so much about, but never really got an opportunity to check out in full.

I've been talking to my landlord and super about transforming some of the empty apartments in this building into bed and breakfast rooms, and if we go ahead with it, I am most certainly going to model them after Fox' interieur.


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Nothing at all

I went to see a film-portrait of Zinedine Zidane made by Douglas Gordon and Philippe Parreno the other day. There was a great quote by Zidane at the end of the movie, delivered solely in the form of subtitles: "Magic is sometimes very close to nothing at all".

Out of scale and things in disguise

The other day, my mother pointed out to me, that I've always been a sucker for things in miniature size, and she's absolutely right. And things blown out of proportion, I fancy too. I guess, all things blown out of their usual scale appeals to me. I found this site by way of "Pyssel de Luxe Josefin", and I feel a sincere urge to buy most of the things on sale there.

When I was at Blick Art Store today, I found a whole bunch of things that I realize I also have a soft spot for: Things in disguise!

For example the stapler in disguise as a piece of sushi and a pair of pencils in disguise as chopsticks. And then, somewhat related, they had a thermal porcelain cup in disguise as a disposable paper cup.

I added another fave of mine: the lipstick ballpoint pen.

Corn Syrup

For mini-willies

"Kind of..."

I came across a great blog entry when looking for something sock related this evening - most certainly worth a visit.

Only thing is I kind of wish the guy hadn't found out whom he had been photographing until after his subject had gone. But alas, the imperfection just makes it more real, I guess.

Monday, October 27, 2008

walking into a bar

Green Surprises

I just received this in the mail today, a book called Pyssel de Luxe by a Josefin Ekman, which my mom sent me because she knows I love to "pyssla". I tried to find a translation online, and came up with "potter about" or "busying oneself" with little handicrafts and such, or cooking cute things like macaroons and cupcakes.

Ooo, and look at her blog: Dear Martha

The Lazy Talkie

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Catchy Canines


The new roomie is beginning to leave his mark on the apartment. He seemed disinterested in the bathroom cupboard to begin with, but I am sensing he is gradually forcing me out of the top and middle shelf.

Cela n'est pas une Norvégienne

We went to Monkeytown last night to celebrate my new roomie Mads' birthday, and there was a Norwegian singer - Silya - performing for us, who had the voice of something that really didn't correspond with her blond hair and petite and feminine physique. Mads' friend Andy noticed her tattoos though and from the twang of her accent deduced: "She ain't Norwegian. She's straight out of the ghetto".

Mads put her to the test, though, by requesting a birthday song in Norwegian. Which he got. And a flawless one at that.