Sunday, October 12, 2008

In Character: Sarah Carlson.

Top:You've just been told you look cool in your handmade Beogradian folk dress.
Second to top: You pretend to be shocked when you're informed that your handmade Beogradian folk dress was not embroidered by old women with puckered and leathery faces, but young children with alcoholic fathers and prostitute mothers.
Middle: You admit you can't relate to the Beogradian children because you have no idea where Beograde is.
Second to bottom: You're trying to process that your hand made Beogradian folk dress is infested with bugs that tend to migrate towards the body's moist and humid environments.
Bottom: You decide to forget about it cos your waffles are coming right up. But you're still disgusted. A little. But you can smell the waffles.

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