Friday, October 17, 2008


It's just been confirmed that it is indeed a mouse that has taken up residence in my kitchen. She is teeny tiny and a dark, dark Grey. A total knock-out.

I was standing in the living room plastering the ceiling when I sensed something lurking around the kitchen. And there she was, sitting atop the trashcan, checking the scene. She even game me a thumbs up on my work, before she split.

Then I don't know where she went off to, although I tip-toed around the house for ages, trying to figure where she was hiding. Just before going to bed, I turned off all the lights for 20 seconds or so, turned them back on, and poof, there she was again, running into hiding inside the stove.

I've decided I'll offer to take her in permanently on the sole condition that she will accept living in a cage. That or pay rent.

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