Monday, December 8, 2008

If you were a cake?

Mads and I went to Taralucci & Vino today, and wound up discussing which one of their cakes we would be if we were, well, cakes.

Mads deemed he would be the all white cream-based one with the red jelly in the middle, which he had only moments before described as "so bland, that someone had decided to sprinkle ashes on it for color". Well, presumably it was vanilla.

As for his girlfriend, Arendse, he hypothesized that she would like to think of herself as the lavish fruit tart, but that, in essence, she might be more of a chocolatey pear tart.

As for me, myself, I, I reasoned that I would be the strange looking rice cake thing topped with custard and banana-slices: A bit over the top and non-sensible both in terms of looks and greater concept. And, for the record, a cake I would not ever consider ordering for myself.

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