Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Something strange happened yesterday as I walked down 5th Avenue after a pit stop at the Met and F.A.O. Schwartz. In the crowd of Holiday shoppers a lady stood still, guarding a beautiful and exotic looking bird sitting on the pavement without moving the slightest.

The lady was on the phone, trying to reach the police or some form of animal rescue, and all the while the poor little bird sat there with the emptiest of stares in its eyes. Paradoxically, I felt it had some greater comprehension of everything. As if it understood perfectly well that it found itself on the turf of a different species, but had just given up entirely on everything.

The whole scenario was so heartbreaking, not in a beautiful but in a quite painful way. The bird really couldn't have landed in a more alien spot. Christmas lights were abound, traffic was excruciating, it was dark, and as backdrop it had some billboard facade prophesizing the opening of yet another luxury store.

"I feel it's gonna get hurt", the lady said. And although I feel like such a home-spun philosopher for saying so, I sensed some greater truth in that statement. Despite it's apparent banality.

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