Thursday, April 30, 2009


I met up with Marie in the park this afternoon. She said she might need a new pair of Plimsolls, but I told her I like the worn out ones she has.

We walked past the dog park and found ourselves smiling at this pair.

We were baffled with the beauty and the size of a pair of well-trained Great Danes - or at least that's what I presumed they were, but I really wouldn't know. "They move like horses", Marie observed.

The "20 lbs or less" dogs have a world of their own, it seems. They were all intertwined into a furry little ball.

We settled on a bench in the middle of the park, right by the big tree, and before we knew it two guys showed up and hugged it and did a ceremonial walk around it. When we asked one of them what it was all about, he told us he was a Hare Krishna devotee, and that the tree was planted by the guy who brought the movement to the United States. "That's why it always has flowers attached to it", he explained.

We had Penne All'arrabiata for lunch. One with basil in it, because I had a whole bunch of fresh leaves in the fridge.

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