Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I thought I would go along with the media frenzy and acknowledge Obama's one hundredth day as president of the United States, although I have to say it struck me as a bit arbitrary, and was surprised that even the White House decided to host a "100 Days Press Conference". I mean, why 100 and not a quarter of a year or something?

I'm sure there is an historical explanation for this, but be that as it may, as I sat there watching him on C-Span this evening, being so sensible, reasonable and cool, I couldn't help but feel a tremendous amount of relief that it all worked out the way it did on that beautiful fall evening of November 4.

I was looking for a cool picture of him online to company this post, and in a bout of nostalgia wound up going trough all my photos from when Marie and I went to D.C. and Virgina for his last rally.

So, I decided I might as well use my own pics to congratulate the mister.

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