Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I'm "small americano"!!!

Wow! The joy I'm feeling this very moment is positively indescribable!!! And I must share, simple as that!

This morning I went down to Ninth Street Espresso, stood in line, and as it became my turn to order, the barista at the register raised his arms into the air and declared: "You're back! Where you been?!"

Of course this made me giggle like a school girl, flush a little too, especially as my old barista crush was standing there right next to him sipping some kind of beverage, his tattoos showing, his hair a little scruffy.

"I was in Brooklyn"", I answered. Giggled some more.
We been like, 'where is 'small americano?'", he said, and my old barista crush snickered.

"Oh", I said. "So what, am I like the joke around here?"

"No-no", he answered. "But you were like gone for a week!"

This is when a friend of theirs, sitting next to them drinking coffee, chipped in and said: "You gotta remember these guys are high on caffeine, they've been downing espressos since 7 this morning".

We all laughed, haha.

"So what were you doing in Brooklyn?", the register barista asked. "'Cos you live around here, right?"

"Yeah", I said. "I live right around the corner. But I was babysitting the dog of some friends of mine."

And they didn't leave it at that. No no, siree! They asked how the dog sitting had been, which area of Brooklyn I had temporarily resided in, what dog it was, and what a Finnish laphound looks like.

My my. I'm telling you I was floating on air as I left the shop, thinking how much I love Americans and their ability to make you feel recognized in the doings of your everyday life.

And I can't wait to tell my boss either. He was the one who completely destroyed my belief that my baristas might have taken genuine notice of me by saying: "Sarah, they only flirt with you to get better tips".

Tsk tsk, tips, my ass. I'm "small americano". I'm sure they don't have nicknames for just anyone.


mette/ungt blod said...

jubii -endnu et afsnit i kaffe-"kærligheds"historien

Anonymous said...

Where's your 'talje'?

Sarah Carlson said...

Ja, er det ikke fantastisk. Synes også det var på tide der kom lidt fremskridt;OP

And as for my "talje", or "waist" as it's called in English, it's camouflaged by a pair of pants that have an androgynous cut, so to speak. So they pretty much hide my tush and align my hips and waist so I look a little tomboy-ish. Or at least that was the intention. Your comment makes me think I may have failed.

"anonymous", tsk tsk...

Anonymous said...

OK, good. I thought otherwise that your hip and waist measurements were nearly the same.

korea said...

what a delightly chapter in the coffeeloveaffair, arms all up for u 'small americano'!!