Sunday, April 26, 2009

We made it!

Yay hurrah, for two days in a row, Lux and I have actually made it to Cobble Hill Park! Of course he decided to sit down once we got there, and refused to budge for the next half hour, but be that as it may: We got there, we made it, and going for a walk in the park is no longer a distant and unattainable dream!

To a certain extent, I also understand why he kind of likes to just sit there, because he gets masses of attention, people of all ages come over and ask permission to pet him, ask what breed he is and compliment his fur over and over again. "Ah, he's such a beee-a-uuuuutiful dog. Look at this fur!!!"
"Yes", I say. "you should see mine!" Snicker snicker.

In all fairness, I think he and I may also form a somewhat peculiar couple, being, as we are, both strawberry blonds. Add to that, that Lux never decides to sit or lie down next to a bench, but rather settles smack in the middle of everything. And after ten minutes of trying to lure him back on his feet, I usually give up. And sit down right next to him. On the asphalt.

We must be a sight for sore eyes.

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