Friday, May 15, 2009

Bargain Hunter's Itinerary

I've become quite an expert in arranging low air-fare trips, if I may say so myself.
On the 13th of June I will be going from New York to Stockholm to attend my grandfather's 80th birthday - and pamper my grandmother severely as I was not there for her 80th birthday last year...shame on me.

On the 17th I will be going to Copenhagen (this is basically the only trip I haven't bought a ticket for yet. It's only 82 bucks, but seeing I'm afraid of flying I thought I might treat myself to a train ticket instead....we'll see.)

Then, on the 24th it's off to London to see Johan's final project at Bartlett. he graduates this year!

On the 28th I'm off to Stockholm again to have a day and a half with my mother and her miniature dachshound...

Before returning to New York on the 30th, just in time for Mads and his Arendse to arrive for Naja and Andy's wedding party. And perhaps for Johan's arrival too? Pleeeeaase? I'm hoping for visitors in July as it will be my first month sans Marie. I fear it already.

And the price? 734 little dollars - just a little over 4000 Danish crowns. Pretty darn good I think.

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