Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Beware of young girls. Mother, like daughter. List of children.

This couple is my new subject of fascination. I had almost forgot how bizarre a story it is, but after Mia Farrow's recent hunger strike, I wound up delving into the whole affair again on Wikipedia, and found myself utterly mesmerized with the potential of the story.

The things that have been said are perfectly wonderful. For example, Mia Farrow supposedly said this in reference to her adopted daughter's relationship with her ex: "She was on the streets in Korea when she was captured and brought to the state orphanage. And in a way I can see from her perspective — a very limited perspective — that she's improved her situation. For a little orphan kid from Korea ... Perhaps she's not to be blamed". Ouch!

Soon-Yi, in turn, supposedly said "she's no Mother Theresa". Ouch-ouch!

Ooo, and consider this: When Mia Farrow initiated a relationship with Andre Previn, the latter's former wife, Dory Previn, wrote a song called "Beware of Young Girls".

And Mia Farrow, in her "Rosemary's Baby" days had such an infantile air to her. And she married Frank Sinatra, 29 years her senior.

And in that movie she mothered none less than the devil. And Frank Sinatra left her because of her choosing that movie over one that he was in.

And when Frank Sinatra heard about the Soon-Yi/Woody scandal, he offered to break the knee-caps of the bespectacled little fella, like any good father would do.

And then there's the son, the biological offspring of Woody Allen and Mia Farrow, the human rights advocate, who positively looks like the reincarnation of Mia Farrow in Rosemary's Baby. A child prodigy who who graduated from college at the age 15, and who appears to follow his mother through thick and thin. There's something delightfully Oedipal there.

And there's something about "the Asian woman"* too. Or "the Asian" as such. As being cunning. A threat. Sexually, politically.
(I put it in quotes as I mean "The Asian Woman" as stereotype, and don't wish to offend anyone).

You can't make that shit up! This will certainly provide me with food for creative thought for my four large canvasses and beyond...

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