Sunday, May 31, 2009

Everything you ever wanted to know

Matteo made me a copy of Woody Allen's "Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Sex* (*but were afraid to ask"), which consists of seven different vignettes, each trying to answer a sex-related question, such as "Are Transvestites Homosexuals?" and "What are Sex Perverts?"

If you haven't seen it already I must urge you to do so, 'cos chances are, that like me, you'll be laughing so hard you'll be slapping your thighs (the first one, however, I didn't find all that funny, so don't feel discouraged from seeing the rest of them if you find it a bit lame).

My absolute two favorites were "What is Sodomy?", featuring Gene Wilder as a doctor falling in love with an Armenian sheep, and "What Happens During Ejaculation?", in which Allen invites you inside the control system of a pre- and post-coital male.

Ooo, and if you think it wouldn't be possible for a Jewish director to portray a rabbi whose sexual fantasy is being bondage whipped while his wife sits on the floor eating pork, you can think again....

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