Sunday, May 31, 2009


Yesterday, Flemming pointed out to Asger and me that he has yet to meet a French friend of Marie who doesn't smoke. Which made me realize that I have yet to acquaint a French-speaking friend who doesn't smoke. Of all the Swiss and French people I know, I think every single one of them does. Or at least they smoked once, and thus aren't reluctant to have a cigarette once night falls and they've had a drink or two.

Lucky for them that French gives an air of sophistication to just about everything, be it snails on a plate or the liver of force-fed poultry on toast. Even "Smoking Kills" sounds kind of pretty in French, I think.


lyne said...

sarah, you forgot about me, i don't.

Sarah Carlson said...

It's true, sorry! But then you're the single exception to the rule;O)

Good to see you both yesterday!

leena said...

I was just gonna comment that Lyne doesn't!

Sarah Carlson said...

I like that you both keep a critical eye on me and my assertions!