Sunday, May 3, 2009


I decided to get rid of my leaning chair and matching leg rest in order to make space for the new printer.

It's gigantic. In fact, I have had it sitting around in its box ever since it arrived on Friday out of fear that if I opened it, it would actually unfold into something twice the size of its packaging.

Receiving a gift like this, Johan has informed me, is a little bit like receiving a double-edged sword. The printer fluid, he says, is going to be costing me a fortune.

But the magnitude of it! And the things I'm going to print! Ahhhh....
My first project is going to be to print a picture of myself in the scale of 1:1.


Maj Beldring Henningsen said...

wauw - glæder mig til at se hvad den kan producere af kunstværker..

Sarah Carlson said...

Jeg bliver svært skuffet hvis det viser sig den ikke selv kan producere kunstværker.

Så'r det en bytter. Ka' ja gåt fortæl' da.