Sunday, May 3, 2009

Gifts from Mexico

This first thing I asked Matteo after giving him a welcome home hug last night was: "So did you bring anything? gifts?..for someone?"

And yay hurrah he had!

"Why don't you go have a look at your desk," he said with a little wink like any good parent would, and what did I find there but Mexican treats full of corn syrup and saturated fats, not to mention a little altar candle of some sort on which is says "Hola Mexico".

For some reason I've always been so thrilled with presents from abroad, sometimes a little at the expense of my poor mother who worked as an air hostess for Scandinavian Airlines for a good 30 years. It didn't matter if she came home from Bangkok, Beijing or Brussels, there I would be, tugging in her uniform skirt asking her: "Did you bring me anything? Shampoo bottles from the hotel? A shower cap? One of those small liquor bottles from the plane?!!!!"

Poor mother.

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