Thursday, May 28, 2009

Immaculately Conceived. Almost.

Matteo came back late last night, and as he started unpacking his bag I sat and asked him questions about his trip - how many girls did you kiss? What did your mother cook you? Is your brother's book getting rave reviews? - doing my absolute best to behave as if presents from Rome were the last thing on my mind.

But alas, he knows me well, and before unpacking anything else he unpacked a total of 5 - FIVE! - little parcels, all for me - ME! Color me lucky!

I got a beautiful box of neatly packed Baci chocolates and a little jar of fancy cocoa "to experiment with", as Matteo put it. I think this translates into "baking brownies". Albeit fancier ones than usual.

I also got a beautiful, beautiful glow-in-the-dark Virgin Mary with a 24 carat gold halo on which it says "Je suis immaculee conception" - little did I know Virgin Mary was French!

I took her to the bathroom where she glowed like an angel in the dark. Unfortunately my camera couldn't quite capture the moment.

And what do you know, a Colosseum snow globe! "I bet a small child in Asia made this", I said to Matteo last night as I was lying on my bed shaking it over and over again in order to watch the disproportionately large snowflakes settle on that fine piece of circular architecture. "It takes neat little fingers to make something this beautiful".
"Or a gypsy child", Matteo suggested.

And look look! Amarelli! Loads of them! In beautiful tin boxes decorated with images of Harlequins and other Italian things. I've had two pieces already to kill my morning breath and I feel great!

"I hope you know I wasn't serious when I wished for all this things before you left", I said to Matteo when I had unwrapped all the delights.
"No", he answered. "But you were hoping right?"
"Yes", I said. "You know me so well".

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