Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A job to consider?

I was reading an article on the NYTimes and was smitten with the illustration below by a Viktor Koen. I checked out his website and was even more smitten when I looked through some of his work for newspapers and magazines and the like. Such a cool job, I think. I mean, you get to read really interesting stuff before it's published and think of ways to illustrate it. What's not to like?!

It's funny, because when I am working on academic papers - which I've found myself doing these past couple of days - all I can think of is pulling out paint and pens and glue and paper and fiddle around with it. In hindsight, I realize that it's been when I'm in school that I'm really at my most creative. It's as if my outlet for dealing with heavy thinking is the arts. So that's settled now.

So, this brings me to the conclusion that the absolute ideal job for someone like my little ol' self would be to be an illustrator for a high-brow publishing company.

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