Thursday, May 28, 2009

Old Love. No Rust.

I've decided that I'm back to being infatuated with my very first barista crush, the one with tattoos and a large dog, the one who was the very first to look me deep in the eye and say "small Americano?" before I got a chance to place my order, the one who prepared it before it was my turn to be served, the one in whose presence I always wind up blushing crimson red.

This barista, I realize, is somewhat of a ladies man, a womanizer perhaps, but so be it. Nobody is perfect.

I'm very fickle when it comes to falling in and out of love, I realize. Or, I should say, I fall in and out easily - in at the slightest increase of attention, out at the slightest decrease.

Thus you may understand how very disappointed I felt this morning when my barista crush number two who has otherwise been very attentive to me of late, close to disregarded me when I stepped into the coffee shop. Not least because he was busy talking with...ANOTHER GIRL!!! He didn't even ring me up or anything, that's how busy he was. Tsk tsk. Perhaps he's getting back at me for not having come down while my dad was in town, but I'm not going to succumb to such children's games. No siree.

My very first barista crush, on the other hand, looked me deep, deep - DEEP! - in the eye when I stepped into the shop and mouthed "small Americano?". "No", I mouthed back, "Iced". When I attempted to pay, he gave a nod in the direction of barista crush number two, who said: "Oh, sorry Sarah, how's it going", and rang me up. Tsk tsk...

Then I walked home, feeling a bit bummed, not least because I think I have one of those pretty days, where I look a little nicer than usual - my face kind of oddly petite looking, my hair assembled in a good little pony tail accentuating something that looks like...maybe cheek bones?

But as I walked down the street, positively heartbroken, I turned a corner, and who did I see but my very first barista crush sitting in his car, waiting for the lights to switch. He looked like a true rebel without a cause, one hand hanging outside the window, holding a cigarette. I figure he must have left the shop immediately after I left it.

And he smiled at me and giggled a very hoarse and manly giggle, and I said: "Wow, you're fast!".
"I know!", he answered. Laughed a little again.

And then I stepped into my building, realizing my infatuation is back where it belongs. I can't believe how silly I was to fall so easily.


Maj Beldring Henningsen said...

Og jeg har lidt crush på Bonnie & Clyde for tiden. Prøv lige at læse den her efterlysning! Hun har en hel del skudhuller!

Og så vil jeg gerne invitere dig over til hjemmelavede flødeboller..

Sarah Carlson said...

Hvad er det siger, kan du finde ud af at lave flødeboller?!!! I så fald, kan du så lave dem ligeså store du vil? Altså KÆMPE?

Maj Beldring Henningsen said...

Ja, jeg kan lave dem kæmpe store.
Jeg siger dig det er nemt!
Tog en rulle marcipan og skar den direkte i ca 50 skiver (marcipanrullens diameter var perfekt til flødebollebund). Bagte først skiverne 5-7 min ved 150 grader og så en tur i køleren.
Så piskede jeg 10 æggehvider stive og herefter med ca. 600 g. sukker.
Så op på bundene via en sprøjtepose og så lige 5 min i ovenen igen - med fyld (så er de mere faste til overtrækket). Og overtrækket var hvid eller mørk chokolade og kokos!
Det er helt klart overtrækket, der forhindrer mig i at lave dem hver dag, da det var lidt besværligt med pensel.
Men gode var de.
Og er beæret over dit Bonnie + Clyde indlæg.

Maj Beldring Henningsen said...
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Sarah Carlson said...

Ej, det skal jeg prøve Maj!!! Måske skal vi lade det sammen i juni...:O)