Sunday, May 3, 2009

Peter Hujar

I came across the stunning photo below in a postcard version in the Whitney's museum shop and scribbled down the name of the photographer in order to look into his work once I got home.

In case you didn't know him already, let me have the pleasure of informing you that his name is Peter Hujar, and that the image below as well as the one below it are of his one time partner David Wojnarowicz, also a photographer.

They both died of of AIDS in the late 80s/early 90s, and lately it's like I've begun to realize what a traumatic impact that decease has had on New York City. It's one of those things I've heard and read about, of course, but genuinely grasping it I'm only slowly beginning to, I think.

It was entire enclaves of people. And it all happened so fast.


Anonymous said...

Sarah, from the Hujar Estate, thank you for your coverage. Also, just to clarify, Peter and David were only ever-so-briefly involved romantically and their relationship was passionate, but not that of partners. (See Stephen Koch's blog at Also, Stephen is particularly struck by your sense of how distant the AIDS crisis of the late 80s has become.)

Sarah Carlson said...

Thank you for your comment - very nice of you and so cool that you manage to keep up to speed with all the people who write about Peter Hujar.

I will most certainly look into Stephen Koch's writings about Peter and David. I'm sure it will be interesting to read.

Thanks again!