Friday, May 1, 2009

Report from the Reporter at Large

I spoke to Matteo last night, who has left Mexico City for Oaxaca to report on a little kid, who is half Italian, half Mexican, and purportedly down with the Swine Flu.

He says the kid is going to be all right.

He seems positively thrilled with being in Mexico, so humbled with the kindness and openness of the people that I can't help but find myself a little worried that it makes him want to leave New York and its sometimes cynical inhabitants.

He had dinner with Pedro and some other friends the other night. "They're just such beautiful and warm people", he told me. I know he's right.

He told me he wears a mask sometimes, but not always. "It makes you cough more", he said, reasoning that wasn't very practical for anyone.

I asked him if his mom is worried, and it seems she isn't. He said it was mostly his dad who was, and that was only before he traveled down there. "You will just tell them you wont", he had advised Matteo to tell his superiors.

Sometimes I think his parents have nerves of steel. His brother worked and lived in Kabul until very recently, too.

Matteo's alarm clock woke me up at 8 this morning. I fumbled my way into his room, stood for what seemed like ages trying to figure out how to turn it off, and then contemplated how weird it is to look at a bed that hasn't been slept in for a couple of days.

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