Saturday, May 9, 2009

Where printing may take you.

Lo and behold! Look at this beautiful print that I've just printed out with the new delicious printer Johan gave me! The quality is beyond amazing, and I actually think I may be able to print things in an even finer quality!

Johan has been giving me a little tutorial this evening via skype from London on how I can manipulate the DPI (which means "dots per inch" if you didn't know already) of the image. He's most pedagogic, explaining everything in terms he knows I'll understand.

I was going through all my unsorted photos trying to find the image of Johan's neck (below) which I have hanging above my bed, thinking it would be a nice first task for my printer. (The one I have is in such poor quality...which, granted, is also part of its allure...but whatever).

Anyhow, I didn't find it, but instead I came across these photos of my very first New York apartment, and I felt so nostalgic that my eyes almost started tearing up a little.

And the futon bed was so perfect for visitors. Looking at it now, I'm thinking I ought to get one again as an extra bed.

And I even had a corner for painting.

The kitchen, as you can see, was really a kitchenette, which is code for "useless". I think for the 8 months that I lived there I ate nothing but bagels and cream cheese for dinner.

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