Friday, May 22, 2009

World's coolest. In town.

I'm one happy little lady, as my dad has just arrived from Copenhagen, here to spend a couple of days full of lazy breakfasts, culture by the truckload, and ceaseless teasing from yours truly!

Now he's cuddled up in bed like a snug bug in a rug, and will probably wake me up a 6 a.m. and ask me to go to Veselka for bacon and eggs.

I find he looks and dresses more like a teenager the older he gets. Does dad suffer from the Benjamin Button syndrome?!!!


Maj Beldring Henningsen said...

Ja han gør! Hils ham mange gange. Håber I har det fantastisk..

Sarah Carlson said...

Far blev glad. Det er altid rart når der er andre end ens eget afkom der synes man ser ung ud. For jeg skal jo sige det....hehe.