Sunday, June 28, 2009

Bestest Bike!

Yowsa, look what my mamma got me all for free from the husband of her husbands cousin! Isn't it beautiful?! And perfect?! I'm going to the bike store tomorrow to have it wrapped up, and as of Tuesday I plan on being the girl in the East Village with the snazziest set of wheels!

It even has a dynamo set!
And it's Norwegian, of all things.

I'm accepting bets for how fast you think it's gonna get stolen....;O)

Barbican Estate

Circular Miscellaneouses

Grand Finale. Or Talented Mates!

Now Johan is officially an architect! Hurrah hurrah hurrah!
And hurrah for his best friend at Bartlett, Mags, who was nominated for the RIBA prize, apparently one of the fanciest architect prizes there are in the UK - it's her project below. (Please excuse the picture, but it was so crowded in the exhibition).

Saturday, June 27, 2009


Johan's new car. Which came with a glove as to avoid marks from sticky fingers.

Some thirteenhundred

I went to the Royal Academy's Summer Exhibition 2009 yesterday and was given a book with a lists of works upon my entry. Which made sense, as there were just a little below 1300 pieces of art in there. Quite a mouthful to keep track of, but also kind of nice in the sense that it became slightly informal and relaxed to hang out in the galleries. When there are that many art work, very few people have an ambition to see every single piece, and thus they didn't adopt that stuffy, slow, processional walk from one piece on the wall to the next where you stop to read what it says on every single piece of white cardboard on the wall.

An elderly gentleman stopped by this piece and commented: "It's very unnerving." Ah, I love bits of broken conversation!

Jackson's Death


Friday, June 26, 2009



Fruit, even of the exotic kind, are crazy cheap in London. In fact, food as such is cheap. I've been eating blueberries, raspberries and passion fruits by the load full, I'm telling you. 1 pound Organic Mozzarella too!


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fine Art Procession

I hadn't heard about Parasol Unit Foundatation for Contemporary Art before, but practically stumbled upon it this afternoon as it was sitting right next to Victoria-Miro.

And it was such a treat to visit! Not only did they show a really nice and, in my view, approachable exhibition - Parades & Processions: Here comes everybody - but even the people working there were so nice and welcoming.

The moment I stepped in, the little gallerina at the entrance looked up, smiled and gave me a map of the place.

Once upstairs, a second gallerina informed me of a video piece in the back room, which she suspected I might have missed.

What a delightful place! Not to mention a delightful change from these too-cool-for-school galleries where no one greets let alone acknowledges your presence...

I also came across this piece, The Modern Procession by Francis Alÿs, which I hadn't heard about before. So cool, though!