Monday, June 8, 2009

a whole different kind of ginger

Yesterday, as I was struggling to finish a paper on time whilst fantasizing of finding a prescription of neuro-enhancers in my drawer, I got a text message from Johan Mau to let me know he had put a little something outside my door - to make working inside on a sunny Sunday a bit more merry. It turned out to be a big bag of ginger cookies from Dean & Deluca:O)

Or at least, so I judged from the label.

For some reason my appetite wasn't really with me yesterday, and so I put the bag of cookies aside in the fridge, thinking I would save them for later.

Then today, as I was defrosting the freezer (yes, really), I decided to pull the bag out of the fridge out of fear that it might get all wet and soggy. That's when my curiosity got the better of me, I opened the bag and found a whole rainbow of colorful cookies inside, a couple of fancy pieces of candy and chocolate too!

There I had been the whole time thinking the bag was full of ginger cookies, when it turned out to be a whole different kind of ginger - Betsy's Ginger Cookies, the ones from the fancy vitrine at Dean & Deluca, which you can't help but be swooned by, but never actually buy because it feels a bit too flamboyant.

But wow, they're so pretty! Much too pretty to eat!

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