Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fine Art Procession

I hadn't heard about Parasol Unit Foundatation for Contemporary Art before, but practically stumbled upon it this afternoon as it was sitting right next to Victoria-Miro.

And it was such a treat to visit! Not only did they show a really nice and, in my view, approachable exhibition - Parades & Processions: Here comes everybody - but even the people working there were so nice and welcoming.

The moment I stepped in, the little gallerina at the entrance looked up, smiled and gave me a map of the place.

Once upstairs, a second gallerina informed me of a video piece in the back room, which she suspected I might have missed.

What a delightful place! Not to mention a delightful change from these too-cool-for-school galleries where no one greets let alone acknowledges your presence...

I also came across this piece, The Modern Procession by Francis Alÿs, which I hadn't heard about before. So cool, though!

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