Saturday, June 20, 2009


Dan, whom I went to school with at NYU, turned out to be in Copenhagen in between trips to Berlin and Tel Aviv. We went to see an exhibition at Kunsthallen Nikolaj, Lost and Found - Queering the Archive, where we came across the word 'heteronormativity' - the mot du jour in queer studies these days, he informed me.

Albeit Dan is not American (he's Israeli but is doing at PhD in Pittsburgh) he strikes me as the quintessential New Yorker - it's the way he gestures, speaks, his self-deprecation and inability to take anything too seriously, but most of all perhaps, the way he cracks a joke.

When we returned to his hotel late in the afternoon for Dan to retrieve his luggage before going to the airport, a poor young hotel clerk couldn't manage to open the door to the back room.

Dan looked on as he fidgeted with some kind of ID-card key and then, in the most dead-pan of ways suggested: "Maybe they fired you and didn't let you know".
Punchline drum roll.

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