Tuesday, June 16, 2009

oddities and other flea market finds

My flea market finds:

I felt insanely tempted to get this:

My mamma and I squealed in utter delight and nostalgia when we spotted this little SAS soap tucked away inside some kind of old fashioned grooming kit. I remember them so vividly from the airplane restroom. For a little kid it was always such a treat to unwrap one of those to wash your hands with!

My mamma bought a bag full of yarn and pieces of crochet that someone made - with the intention of making a blanket, I suppose. We figured the person had probably died before getting a chance to finish it.

Once we got home, my mamma remembered she already bought on such bag with semi-finished crochet. We agreed it would be nice to gradually collect them and eventually put them all together to compose one big blanket of little projects past.

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