Wednesday, June 17, 2009

One Funny Little Lady

Oh jesus, if only I could remember half the funny things my little granny said this afternoon. There are her usual words of wisdom, of course, which she will repeat about 20 or 30 times within the span of an hour. For example, every times she spots and animal of any sort, her own bright blue budgie included, she will proclaim: "They're much smarter than we think, you know".

She demonstrated this today by speaking English to Pipse - that's Danish for Birdie - which it appears he understood.

This afternoon we went for a walk in the park, sat down on a bench from which she admired and commented on all the trees in our vicinity, pointing to their idiosyncrasies and similarities, not to mention their baffling sizes. As we walked on, she suddenly stopped me with a tug at my arm, pointed up at some gigantic pine tree of some sort. Just as I was expecting her to utter yet another compliment at the circumference of the stem or the hue of the leaves, she said: "Look, isn't it HOR-REN-DOUS?!!!, emphasizing each syllable with such fervor she almost scared me. "It looks positively dead!", she added.
Then she walked on happily, pointed at some flowers and a bird much cleverer than you'd think.

When we got back home, a member of the nursing staff greeted us and told us we looked so much alike. Then my grandmother turned and looked me in the eye and said: "I'm sorry", before breaking into a roaring laugh.

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