Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Scent of Me and Other Men. The IT guy too.

For the past couple of years I've been on the look-out for my scent. I went from being absolutely careless about perfumes and eau de colognes to suddenly obsessing - albeit moderately so - about finding some drops of something that would epitomize me. I even started mixing two different kinds on my wrist, in an attempt to create something perfectly idiosyncratic.

An expensive obsession, you may think, but you may think again, because I've never actually bought any of the perfumes I've tested, but rather had samples, which for someone like myself, who tends to us very little, winds up lasting a long long time.

A month or so ago I went to Bloomingdales' Space NK section and got a sample of a nice little fig perfume of some sort, which I think I fell for right away. At home again, feeling relieved and happy thinking my quest had finally come to an end, I asked Matteo to smell my wrist and let me know if he agreed: "You smell like the IT guy at work", he said. From the look on his face I deemed it better not to ask him to elaborate.

However, Matteo and I rarely have the same tastes in style and fashion, and so I decided to stick to my little fig perfume, grew fonder of it every day, and then yesterday, as my little tester ran dry, I decided to go out and get it, an entire bottle, just for me.

"I looooove this", the guy said as I stepped up to the counter and placed the little cellophane wrapped box before him. "I wear it ALL. THE. TIME".
"Oh, so this is a unisex perfume?", I asked.
"Yes", he said. "But it's definitely more on the feminine side....LIKE ME, haha!

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