Saturday, June 20, 2009


Ooo, do I have a heartwarming story for you!

About a year or so ago, we started noticing that granny began to invite us to sleep over at her house.
"Wouldn't you like to sleep here?" she would say, gesturing towards the couch. "I can make up a bed for you".
My sister, dad and I would all thank her of course, but would then remind her that we live only ten minutes away.

It's the same every time I call her from New York and we talk about when I come visit next.
"Don't mind getting a hotel room", she will say. "You can sleep here. It will be cozy".
Sometimes I remind her that I have my own room at dad's. Sometimes I just say thank you and agree it will be nice.

Yesterday dad bumped into one of the staff at granny's nursing home, who told him that granny has a new best girlfriend there. Inger is her name.

The two of them stick together like birds of a feather, it seems, and so the other night, when Inger was missing from her apartment, they went down the hall to granny's to see if she might be there.

And indeed she was. Snug as a bug, tucked in on the couch, granny lying in her own bed right next to her. "Shhhhh", granny had said to them holding a finger to her lips, indicating that Inger was sound asleep.

The nursing home staff had tried to wake Inger up, suggesting she go sleep in her own bed, but all to no avail. She preferred sleeping over at granny's.

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