Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Sorely Missed. And new furry family additions.

Little Felix has left life as we know it on Planet Earth. The poor little thing was too ill to stay any longer. One day he was at the park, taking in the scenery in his signature stoic way. The next he could barely walk, and thus my sister took him to the vet where he was put to sleep while lying in her lap being petted.
Needless to say, he is sorely missed. I don't think I ever saw a dog smile quite the way he did, nor one that was able to wag his entire little furry self as he.

My sister has a new dog now. Felix' little sister Toffee, who also comes from the streets of some Mediterranean country. She moved in before Felix set off for new adventures, not least so that he could teach her the art of not barking and how to take up a disproportionately large space in bed.

She is very sweet. And cuddly. And when you pet her, she closes her eyes and savors the moment:O)