Monday, June 1, 2009


I've had a most unproductive day to today. I think I've worked a total of two hours. I was a teeny tad hung over and only had six hours of sleep, which is two hours too little for me to be in a position to do anything sensible at all.

I ate the last of the Baci chocolates from Rome for breakfast, and found myself feeling a little pissed with the sexist nature of the bon mots wrapped inside them.

Then Al called me, turned out to be hung over too, feeling a bit blue and sad. He came over and we had a lunch of bacon eggs together. He told me I'm the only one in the building who ever fries bacon, and laughed when I said the kind we were having was one with 38 % less sodium than usual. "Like that's gonna make a difference", he said.

After lunch I showed him my 3-D boob book. He liked it, although I remember he once told me that he isn't a "breast man". "You know, I'm more into thighs", he explained.

Then he mounted a mirror in the living room, which I'm happy with as it gives the illusion that there's an additional window in the apartment.

We also took down the horrendous wall lamps which I've been bitching about ever since I moved in. Then he sent me out for blank switch boards to cover up the electricity wires.

I couldn't manage to mount the boards myself, so I call Al who came over to do it, while I rearranged the puppets in the kitchen.

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