Tuesday, June 2, 2009

too blasé for anyone's good

Most people who have passed through Union Square, Washington Park or Times Square has probably experienced some fella coming up to them asking: "Hey, where do you get your hair done?".

Contrary to what you might think, it's not a compliment, but rather the beginning of a pathetic sales pitch of some gift card kind of thing, which I still haven't figured whether is 100 % a scam or just a bad deal dressed as a good one.

This morning, as I went out for coffee, a guy came up next to me and said: "Hey, you know a good salon around here?". For a moment I was so offended by his presence, feeling tempted to push him off his bike right then and there and scold him for having taken his dirty business into the East Village.

"Well", I wound up answering hesitantly. "There's one right down there on 7 and A", I said and pointed him in the direction he was already heading.

"Thanks", he said and rode down there right away, leaving me in the street feeling a little ashamed of myself.

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