Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Gifts! In the mail!

Ooo, what a treat to receive gifts in the mail! It's almost double the excitement of receiving it in person! Henceforth I shall send more presents via mail:O)


It's insane how much white paint it takes to cover up dark brown. I've given this closet five coats if not six, and still the brown bleeds through. After painting it yet again this afternoon, I gave myself permission to run out of patience and start putting stuff inside it and on top of it.
I wonder if you can tell from the picture, but it's by no means a beautiful closet. It's been painted many times over as far as I can tell, and it has a most uneven surface with scratches and chips all over. So I went for the 'rustic' look, with old suitcases and wine boxes on top, and got a pair of sorry cabinet knobs from the hardware store for the doors.

Actually, they only had one set of cabinet knobs left, which made it all the much easier to choose. At 3.99 for two I decided it wasn't worth the hassle trying to find a nicer set somewhere else.

Sugary Perversions

I got a bag of fancy 'gourmet' liquorice today, and was surprised to find the most pervertedly large pieces inside it. They were thicker than my thumb, and basically the length of my index-finger.

Practically clever

Ooo, this is clever. It's a universal power charger and external battery, developed specifically, I suspect, for the likes of me, who tends to pack just about a gazillion different USB chords, electric plugs and converters for my cameras, my laptop, iPod and cell phone when I go back and forth between Scandinavia and the US. Of course I always forget something, and usually have to spend a small fortune on yet another silly little black wire for some silly little thing whose function is so integrated into my daily regimen of procrastination that I just can't make sense without it. And what's more, it also works as an external battery with up to 15 hours of extra, er......, power time, or whatever, which means that one would actually be able to work on one's laptop in the airport or on the plane without frantically checking in on the diminishing battery in the upper right corner of the screen.

I can't really figure the price though, but it seems it's in between 70 and 80 bucks. It's called SCM7880.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Chance encounter on a train

Through a series of more or less unfortunate events yesterday afternoon, dad I wound up at Bloomingdales. Uptown. To lunch, of all things.
We consulted the directory, and decided upon Le Train Bleu on the 6th floor, presuming it would offer some kind of American bistro fair. The food turned out to be delightful, but most of all we were taken by surprise by the restaurant itself, which was accessed through a narrow hallway and turned out to be built and decorated like an old-fashioned dining car - like the kind you would see in a cinematic version of an Agatha Christie novel: Dark velvet on the walls, dim lights, a toilet so tiny you wound up peeing on the toilet seat.
And oh what a feast it turned out to be, not so much because of the culinary delights, but more because of the ensemble of people dining there and the taller than tall and huge waiters serving us up, who had the demeanor and style of having been hired for a light duty job. There were your typical ladies who lunch, who squirmed at the sight of icicles dumping into their water glasses when they had a refill: "I said NO ice!". There was an Australian family of four, with the father and son staying behind, lounging over coffee while 'the girls' stepped out for some more shopping. And then there was dad and me, who were catered to by the most amusing full-bodied and tall African-American lady, who practically sat down with us, loudly reminiscing her time in Denmark and Sweden, her young, blond Danish lover, and a couple of skin heads she encountered on the ferry between Malmö and Copenhagen. She couldn't exactly remember when she had been there. "Was it the late 80s or the early 90s?", she wondered. "You know, it's all a blur....because of the drugs, I mean".
All in all it amounted to a peculiar mix of a David Lynch movie, a theme park trip, and something, hmmm, very sweet and blissful - kind of like a chance encounter on a 1920s train should be.
When we left, our waitress and I shook hands, but dad she decided to hug. So good, in fact, he had to stand on his toes for a good while and even got his fingers stuck in her hair in the process.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Shot in my living room.

I was.
This time by Flemming. Last time by Marie.

Offers, directions, statements, warnings and notifications.

I like how this sign greets you after you've mounted a set of stairs with a stroller or a bicycle.

My dad and I came storming through the front door after having seen this poster plastered on walss here and there in the East Village. "Is it true?!" we asked Matteo. "Is Fidel dead?!"
It seems he isn't as yet.


I thought it was a mistake at first, thinking they might have run out of clean drinking glasses, but at the Falai Panetteria, they serve your iced americano in a tall stemmed wine glass every time.
I dig their decor.

Altar. Update.

I added the plastic barnyard and jungle animals including the glossy backdrop on the house altar in the hallway. I haven't said anything to anyone about it being me having done it, though.Al, on the other hand, wholeheartedly admitted to having set up the rhino humping the monkey along with the entire swinger club of dirty voyeurs.


Service. Multi-lingual.

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Dad and I went to see Julie & Julia this evening, and while I wasn't entirely smitten with the Julie Powell/present day side of the story, I was utterly smitten by Meryl Street in the guise of Julia Child, trotting around the Parisian food markets in all her otherworldly tall splendor. Her love affair with French cuisine and her husband is so amusing, heartwarming and cute, I found myself smiling wide during the whole lot of the movie. Along with a bunch of other elderly ladies, of course.
As any market researcher would have been able to predict, however, all I want to do now is invest in Mastering the Art of French Cooking, and learn how to cook soufflés, beurre blanc, and other things with lengthy, complicated recipes. And I want Le Creuset pans and big ones at that, shining copper pots and proper quality baking tins!

If you're a half-way decent cook and desire to learn more advanced stuff as well, do let me know. We can form a club!

We just won't blog about it.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Danish Imports.

It's kind of difficult to find vanilla sugar in the States. Usually, all they have in the super markets is vanilla essence, which feels so artificial for some reason, even when I go for the organic kind.

In any case, I have yet to find a product here with a design that outmatches the original Danish one above.


The Statue of Liberty as seen from the High Line. It's funny, but this was the second time that I visited the place, and like the first time I went, I felt utterly uninspired to take any pictures. It's really an uncomfortable space. No cute little enclaves or nooks. No privacy. You kind of feel directed like some mindless lemming to follow the slipstream of people marching from one end of it to the other, with no opportunity to stand still and enjoy the view without awkwardly blocking the way for all the peeps following right behind you. I know, cos I tried;O)


The best of things.

Over the top and then some.

Dad and I passed through a street fair slash flea market in Chelsea today, where someone had put up a cake stand with cakes so vulgar and over the top, people couldn't help but stand by in awe and look at it.

"Oh, that looks goooooood", a little old lady whispered when she saw me snap a picture of the Oreo feast above.

The Urina!

This post goes out specifically to Johan and Maria, with whom I recently had a late night conversation about the urina: A device designed for girls so that they may stand up and pee in situations where that may be preferable to squatting down with your ass bare for the world to see.
By Janine Antoni at Luhring Augustine.

Breakfast. September 26. 2009.

There's my little serial killer in the making!

Look who's here!

Dad.And his favorite chocolate. Usually, when he has been here for a visit, I find the paper wrapping from his Wiener Nougats, curled up into little balls, scattered around the apartment here and there. Nice little way to leave your mark.

Product Placement

Ooo, I've found a new, if not favorite, then at least very much appreciated ice cream flavor. Chocolate sorbet, of all things!
I got it by accident the other day at Whole Foods when I reached out for a lemon sorbet and accidentally put the chocolate one my little cart instead. I was so close to throwing it away without even trying it, presuming it would taste like watered down chocolate or some such thing, but it really doesn't! Quite the contrary! In fact, you would never guess it's a sorbet, but rather just guess it's based on a chocolate with a really high cocoa percentage. It leaves the delightful dry/bitter sensation on your tongue, which admittedly doesn't sound very appealing, but which is nonetheless comparable to the effect a good eighty percenter has on your taste buds.

Friday, September 25, 2009


Yesterday I spotted a dude on the L train reading a book called "Rich By Thirty". He was so engulfed by it that I felt insanely tempted to snap a picture of him, not least to document the way people seemed to slowly but surely move away from him by discretely sliding down a seat or two on the polished subway bench. His book obviously reeked. Worse than a homeless guy in summer. At least to the folks that can get off with wearing dirty sneakers to work and flashing tattoos through T-shirts worn out to the point of transparency. It reminded of a couple of years ago when I got Malcolm Gladwell's 'The Tipping Point'. I think I got it for my thesis, but after reading a chapter or a half found that it was a bit too light and biased to stand up to academic scrutiny. What's more, I couldn't really bring myself to position in on my bookshelf after that, and was so thrilled when a friend of mine mentioned he was going to go get it.
"Here, have mine!", I said. "Please".

It all made perfect sense, of course.
As far as I remember, he rode the 6.
From his home in Boerum Hill.
To his office in the financial district.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Last night I cuddled into bed with this week's The New Yorker and was so pleased to find a lovely little article about raising chickens - The It Bird, by Susan Orlean.
"Chickens seem to be a perfect convergence of the economic, environmental, gastronomic, and emotional matters of the moment", she writes. "Plus, in the last few years, they have undergone an image rehabilitation so astonishing that it should be studied by marketing consultants".
The article, however, isn't as seen-from-above as the quote suggests. Rather, it's a nice little tale of the barnyard chicken turned domestic pet - she mentions how you can even get chicken diapers, in case you prefer to keep them inside your house in lieu of, say, a dog - and not least how she herself became a passionate chicken raiser, taking her one favorite chicken back and forth to the vet when it fell ill, sitting in its coop, handfeeding it for a month trying to get it well.

Oh, oh, and look, the Eglu, designed by some clever RCA students who established the company Omlet - Need I say I crave some of these feathered things - merchandise included - for myself now?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fun! Fun! Fun! At the desk!

Sometimes, if I'm in the need of procrastinating, say, I like to experiment with how much of my reflection I can capture in my three-sided mirror. It looks easy, but it's actually quite tricky.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Classy gift

When I got back from Copenhagen, my friend Laura had left me this wonderful children's book which I've coveted for a while, not least since Anne got it for her niece when she visited back in March.

The illustrations are so lovely. Perfect colors.
I foresee a collection forming in my bookcase.....

A little bit of fall

Yesterday, my boss asked me subtly, if it wasn't about time that I baked something. Then, this morning, I woke up to an email from a friend who indicated that my predilection for baking most likely comes from my mother, who always baked for us when we were kids. And the latter is really true! If she didn't bake, then at least she would encourage me to do so, which was often somewhat to the surprise of my peers, whose parents usually weren't that smitten by the idea of their child fooling around in the kitchen with flour and cake batter.

Well, these two little sweet reminders I chose to take as a sign that today was a good day for baking. An apple cake at that. With apples from the green market. Ooo, so fall like!

Home Improvement

Today I finally got around to painting the fourth wall of the kitchen. Some six months after I painted the first three. In my defense, it used to be covered in framed images, paintings and collages, so you really couldn't see much of it anyhow. But now that the 'picture wall' moved into the living room, this wall positively begged to be painted.

Phew, so nice to have it over and done with. Even if the entire place reeks of paint.
Next up is painting a large closet Al found for me upstairs and somehow move it downstairs to the kitchen so it can store all our humid winter coats and shoes for the next couple of months.

It's funny with home improvement. You paint one wall, you realize how dirty the other ones are. You make something look real pretty, and then you notice all the more the stuff that isn't. It's almost a never ending story.

Photo of the day

My friend Maria just sent me this photo of her new puppy Joey - post-shower. Ain't it to die for?!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Und so weiter

Ooo, what a delight to come across these lovely little frames that I bought in a flea market in Sweden when I visited my mama back in June. I had entirely forgot about them, and voila, there they were, hidden away in a storage box labeled "desk".

I can't help but wonder what kind of categorizing my mind was up to the day I put them there.

Anyways, can you spot 'em?