Friday, April 30, 2010

Eat my Meat

filmmaking in the making

The East Village yesterday. And today. Tomorrow too, most likely.

Lift and Separate

When Queen Margharet of Denmark turned 70 this month, one of the national newspapers ran a photo series of her, among which I found the photo above.

It's taken when she visited the natives of a Colombian rain forest back in 1966, and I was so amused by the attire of the woman on the left, standing right in front of the man dressed in a shirt and a tie.

Do you see what I mean?

If not, I can tell you it's because she's wearing a bra. Like a 60s type 'lift and separate' bra. Now, surely someone from the Danish crew must have made her wear it to shield the queen from the sight of her bosom.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

What are the odds?

Johan and I went for a walk this afternoon, and as we crossed Astor Place, Johan suddenly exclaimed in an excited whisper: "Did you see that guy?!!!"
"No, what guy?", I asked.
"There was a guy that looked exactly like that guy from the Cohen brothers' films....that guy...You know....that guy.......JOHN TURTURRO!"
"Oh", I answered. "No, I didn't see him...So, was it him?"
"No", Johan replied. "He just looked like him. Like the way he looks in Barton Fink"

And then we walked on, and on, and on, and suddenly found ourselves outsides Film Forum, where I started taking pictures of the old-fashioned theater marquee.

And who do you think was standing right below it, talking on his cell phone? That's right. John Turturro. Seriously, what are the odds? I mean, it's not like we talk about John Turturro on a daily basis. In fact, I don't remember when I spoke of him last!

I did catch a photo of him actually, mid talk and walk all, but I find it might be a bit too stalkerish to post. There's something quite likable and John Doe about his persona, so I'll let him keep his anonymity:O)

Hello from a smurf-invaded East Village!

Yes indeed, there are movie-folks all around the neighborhood, and when we found an important-looking runner, standing in the street with papers in his hands and a headset on, and asked what they were shooting, he matter of factly answered: "The Smurfs".

For some reason I find it difficult to make sense of that information. Call it poor imagination if you will, but in my mind, the smurf is either a tiny plastic toy or an animated cartoon character with a voice much like mine. But it appears I might as well brush all those preconceived notions aside, cos judging from the movie set, the smurfs are going to be very human-like creatures, doing very human-like things, such as dining out on an East Village sidewalk café and drinking in bars.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Blade Runners

Yesterday, I went for a sunny afternoon run along the coast north of Copenhagen - the exact same stretch where I used to go rollerblading in my early teens. And lo and behold if the early 90s weren't keeping me company, cos there I was being outpaced by not one, not two, but several rollerblading and rollerskating teens, all dressed in grungy, Reality Bitten outfits - open flannel shirts and tiny hats, petti-floral dresses paired with black pantyhose.

Sunday, April 25, 2010


If I lived in Berlin, I think I'd frequent Kunst-Werke, Institute for Contemporary Art, on a regular basis. It's manageable in size, the people who work there (in the cafe, the galleries, the reception desk, etc.) seem genuinely happy you're there and make sure you don't miss out on the floor above or the gallery on the left, and what's more, they seem quite serious about communicating what the art on display is all about.

Admittedly their 'material' is of the slightly heavier kind, overtly political and quite intellectual, but all that is good I think. All museums and cultural institutions shouldn't be alike after all, and as long as you don't presume your audience is simply 'gonna get it', and instead provide them with a helping hand, then I'm all for their existence.

The exhibition we saw was called "Early Years" and subtitled "The Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw is looking for its founding myth" and was a sort of "retrospective slash prospective" of the yet-to-be-built museum (it opens in 2010) and its stable of by now well-known Polish artists.

I'm by now means going to pretend I got it all - so much of it was in Polish! - but the atmosphere in there was nice and as lame as it may come across, I kind of felt that the willingness to share was there. Now, that's a good founding myth.

The Pretzel Holder

If there's one thing I dig about 50s and 60s artifacts, then it's how they often seem to be designed for one function and one function only. Like this pretzel and pretzel stick holder for example. Perfect for a cocktail gathering where you decide to serve those exact two salty snacks.

Now that I think of it, I remember that when growing up, we too had avocado plates. Like specific plates made for serving avocado-halves in their skin and preventing them from toppling over when you started scooping them out.


As I've mentioned before, I do have soft spot for miniature things (or actually, anything blown out of conventional scale), which is why I squealed in glee when I saw this tiny door somewhere in Kreuzberg. (If you fancy, do zoom in on my face and you'll see my disconcerting, witch-like overbite, which I tend to sport whenever I find something that's just too good to be true).

And this tiny little container thingy in Mitte. Mads says you seem them all the time in Berlin, but I've only seen the bigger kind that's about four times its size.

Now, of course Johan is quite tall as it is, but all the same I thought I'd add this photo to give you an idea of the scale of the above.

Oh, and ps. I think I'll stop wearing that red sweater thing which I got at Housing Works recently for 15 little bucks. I thought it was such a steal because it had a tag on it that indicated it had been used at a photo shoot and was from some Korean designer. I'm guessing they had donated it to charity right thereafter or at least so I reasoned. Anyhow, all this time that I've been wearing it, I've been under the illusion that I looked so tall and handsome in it. But now I realize I just look small and peculiar. Kind of thigh-less, which is a somewhat silly look.

It's really funny though how some clothes make you feel so tall, isn't it?


Look at these two distinguished gentlemen drinking 'old-fashioned'! (Mads looks somewhat like a psycho, I think, but a nice psycho:)

Anyhow, Mads took us to one his favorite bars in Berlin, Würgeengel on Dresdener Straße - an elegant mix of a dive bar and an old-fashioned cocktail place.

die Mauer


As seen through my new sunglasses. Johan calls them "Prozac sunglasses" because they make everything prettier, appearing as if its bathed in sunlight and nostalgia.

Berliner Fernsehturm

Thursday, April 22, 2010

dancing shoes

Mads and his lovely friend Ellesiv took Johan and I to a gem of concert at Berlin venue Lido with UK band Wild Beasts. Both Johan and Mads are savvy when it comes to music, so even though they enjoyed it, they did their best at dissecting the band's flaws and fortes on their way home on the tram, using words and expressions I have no aspirations to master.

But really, believe you me (uncritical and somewhat oblivious me) they really were great. There were two lead singers, two men, each taking turns at performing with each their very impressive and broad vocal range. Which in turn lead Johan and Mads to wonder which of these modern day McCartney/Lennon 'got the most pussy'.

Don't you just adore how men manage to cut down to what's really at stake?

Anyhow, the wonderful pic above is taken by Mads. Credit should be given were credit is due:O)


A good, long peel!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hello from Berlin

Hello dear readers and hello from Berlin! Yes sirree, we're in Berlin for a short, short trip as Johan had a meeting down here, and thus we drove down here on Monday along with some Berliners in need of getting home (i.e. Arendse and her Martin, for those who are wondering about the people in the pic below).

Of course there was another quite important treat luring us down here: The prospect of getting to hang with Mads. And having him make us breakfast before leaving for work:)

Doesn't he and his roomie Johanna have the cutest taste? I'm telling you the entire apartment is crisp with style!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Dinner, cake and internets

Johan's hilarious friends Heidi and Troels came over for dinner at Maria's the other night.

Heidi made a boooootiful Gateau Marcel. Which was utterly delicious too!

We tried out Chat Roulette. Of course the first person we encountered was lying on his bed petting his willy. Second one was a female showing off her silicone breasts, hehe.

the office. with rough sketch for tea.

London Johan and I played office the other day at dad's office and did office-y things like making sketches on the whiteboard and going our for lunch.

Johan also made a 'rough sketch for tea':

Lucky us!

Johan and I are staying at Maria's place these days, which she shares with lovely fellow architects Ingrid and Emilie - all of them long time friends of Johan (London Johan), but now also OURS! OURS! OURS!

We're being spoiled with our own room, afternoon wine in the sun and lavish dinners. Yum, yum.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Queen of Pop

Not too long ago, my friend Kane commented that I'm "frank" but not that "strongly opinionated" - an observation I found rather fitting. It's not that I don't form opinions about things, but rather that I'm quite susceptible to reasonable arguments, which means I'll agree with one thing and later agree with the exact opposite argument as long as whoever is trying make me to adopt their point of view does a convincing job. And of course, as soon as I've adopted someone elses opinion, I'll present it to the world as mine.

The Danish monarchy is one good example of a subject on which it's fitting to describe me as a fair-weather opinionista: One minute I'll agree that the institution is outrageously outdated and that the members of the Royal Family are acceptably representational at best. Another minute I'll applaud the royal traditions and regalia, the castles and the parties, and support the right-wing argument that they play a tremendous role in branding our nation and boosting our economy. Hurrah, hurrah!

When Queen Margaret the II turned 70 the other day, however, I suddenly felt quite strongly opinionated on the question of the continued excistency of the Danish monarchy. She was on TV, you see, on a so-called galla show (a European thing, no doubt), where she was being celebrated by members of Danish popular culture: Up-coming soul divas, reality TV stars, comedians and the whole shabang.

But I'm telling you, it was so painfully schizophrenic to watch the Royal Family, sitting there in their finest dresses and royal crowns, jewelry and orders while smiling and applauding scantily clad performers singing popular-cultural songs from every decade the Queen has reigned. Or has been alive. I can't remember which.

So here's the opinion I formed all on my own: If the Danish monarchy should continue to exist, I think we should let it be its own institution, doing things that very institution does best, which is savoring and celebrating tradition, dressing up,
in-breeding, mingling with the perfectly loathe-worthy Danish imitation of a "jet-set" and vacationing 150 days a year. They can wave at the people from their balconies, shake the de-sanitized hand of a kindergarten kid or two, but that's it for public interaction. And they certainly should never be on commercial TV!

Giving a new years speech on public service TV is OK as long as it's once a year and the whole charade leaves you with a solemn impression. Cos that's what I want from the royals. Solemnity. And gold.

I like this

Isn't this ad killer? It's for the travel insurance company Europæiske and created by the late Danish artist Henry Heerup - and many years ago I presume.

I think I'd be fine with more buildings being decorated with ads if it was with equal sense of ingenuity and finesse.



Riding my bike today from Copenhagen neighborhoods Vesterbro to outer Nørrebro, I almost got irretrievably lost in a third and fourth neighborhood, namely Frederiksberg and Valby. Somewhere along the way I passed a kebab place on a street corner, and snapped the image below:O)

I've always been poor at navigating in Copenhagen, but today it seemed my confusion was apparent for the world to see. As I was standing outside a dive bar looking at a map trying to decipher where I was and where I was going, a lovely drunkard came outside to help me home. Phew!