Monday, November 29, 2010

case study

I came across a photo of the Stahl House, also known as the Case Study House #22 (designed by Pierre Koenig as part of the Case Study Houses) and pondered to myself how many millions of movies I must have seen this fabulous piece of architecture in.

I mean, it looks so darn familiar the way Los Angeles sprawls itself out like an illuminated rug below that cantilevered living room. Don't you too feel that you've projected yourself into that space a thousand times before? An the pool. Have you too not sunbathed there in the dark of the movie theatre for hours on end? Cos I'm 100 percent certain that I have.
Stahl House photographed by Julius Schulman.

I tried to find out how many movies I may indeed have seen this place in, and when I found an article in the LA Times called "Best House in a Leading Role", I thought Bingo! and expected it to jog my memory big time. Except, it didn't at all. In fact, I hadn't seen any of the movies mentioned.

If that's not a mystery then I don't know what is. And dear reader, do enlighten me if you can.

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