Saturday, November 27, 2010

ice capades

Is that one serious icicle, or what? I'm telling you at its thickest part it had a diameter of something like 3 inches, whereas the tapered bit was sharp as a needle! Well not really, but still.

If you're wondering why Johan looks so weird and mischievous, it's because minutes afters this photo was taken he started horsing around (literally), pretending to be a unicorn made of ice.

Naturally it broke, after which I got a fancy looking ice cube in my cocktail.
I'm not drinking it though as I'm sure pigeons have peed on it.


Lisa Kjellerød said...

Thats an impressive icicle! Im terrified of walking under those bad boys in Oslo and have a real fear of being speared with one sometime this winter!

Sarah Carlson said...

I know, you should most certainly watch out! And judging from your last posts, I wonder if you are indeed better of staying inside...Yikes, it must be cold! :O)