Wednesday, November 24, 2010

on 18 Wooster till December 18

Sometimes I wonder where advertising is heading if not down the drain, and then every once in a while you hear of a project that's just so cool it reaffirms your belief that advertising can be real smart and un-annoying and just, well, neat!

I'm guessing just like me you've seen some of these images on the internets of late, but chances are, that like me, you too failed to connect the dots and realize that this collection of vintage cameras doesn't belong to some analog aficionado but is in fact for rent! For people like you and me! And what's more, we can rent the cameras for free!

And that's not all peeps. If you head down to ex-NY-gallerist Jeffrey Deitch's old space at 18 Wooster Street you'll find you can do everything your little photographer's heart may desire. Like printing and developing, also for free. And you can hang out with NY scenesters like Tim Barber for free and get a bunch of help from accomplished assistants for free. All of it sponsored by Levi's. Now how's that for awesomeness?

The pop-up is conceptalized by NY-agency Sub Rosa and the images above I've stolen from CoolHunting. If you want to check out some of the previous workshops arranged by Levi's or some that will follow the one in NY, check out Levi's website here.

Of course you wonder if it will increase the sales of jeans? Or just the sale of cool perhaps?

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