Tuesday, November 30, 2010

on my Christmas wish list


I'll happily admit that until this morning, when I received an email from the New Museum informing me that they will show the work of George Condo this spring, I was entirely oblivious of said artist. 

But hey, isn't his work just lovely? I'm suspecting that looking at one of these on a daily basis would make me happy.

Just this morning I was lying in my bed and thinking to myself that these days, I often find myself far more enticed by graphic design than Fine Art. The fact that I just spelled graphic design all in lower case whereas I capitalized Fine Art may indeed be very telling. I'm thinking we've grown accustomed to expect so much from Fine Art (see, I did it again!) in terms of content and intellectual prowess, but the problem is that so rarely, in my opinion, do artists actually have anything genuinely clever to say. In which case, I'd actually prefer they didn't try so hard to say something. Which goes for me too. When it comes to doing something creative (I'm not comfortable with the word 'art' when it comes to my own efforts) I think I'm really restricted by the idea that whatever I do it MUST have a content that is interesting from a cerebral point of view. And even though I think I often have interesting ideas and make spectacularly clever observations, I'm not sure paints and canvasses are my preferred tools for mediating them. Call me old fashioned, but a pen and paper seem to work so much more effectively.

If you're wondering what all this has to do with George Condo, it's just that I found his work so pleasantly immediate, that's all. Something to aspire to. For me at least.

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