Saturday, November 27, 2010


I cooked ribs yesterday and even though I was too impatient to braise them slowly in the owen, they turned out so tender, the meat positively falling off the bones.

I wonder if I ever told you this, but if I haven't, I can inform you that ribs are my absolute favorite piece of meat, which is bizarre given the fact that I am not your usual carnivore. In fact, I have a bunch of neuroses when it comes to meat, downright refusing to eat this and that. But for some bizarre reason, eating meat off a bone using no utensils but your fingers feels so natural to me, as opposed to, say, eating steak or artisanal sausages.

Anyway, as I didn't have merian and soy sauce around the house and thus was unable to work my way through David Chang's recipe for short ribs (as mentioned in my post below), I marinated mine in a sauce of rapeseed oil, ketchup, orange juice, fish sauce, lemon juice, Worcester sauce, s+p, fennel seeds, paprika, cayenne pepper and lots of brown sugar - in no particular measures, as I don't believe in such things.

Oh, and did I mention they turned out delish?

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