Tuesday, November 23, 2010

We're iPad'ing it up around here!

Good god it's an addictive piece of machinery! It's so intuitive, Johan and I agree, which coming from me don't mean much (as I was born and bred an Apple devotee), but coming from Johan it actually means a whole lot. He's like the PC guy around here. You know, who usually praises Intel and IBM and stuff.

Anyhow, for whatever apps you don't immediately understand, you can find little explanations like these on the iPad too! Obviously you can find them on the internet as well, but that's besides the point right now.

Anyway, before you get too psyched on our behalf, let me tell you it's just on loan. It's dad's. He was just kind enough to lend it to me so I could try and convert Johan to come over to the other side, so to speak. And seeing he's currently watching a nimble iPad tutorial on how to prepare a stuffed pig, I may think he too may have become an adherent of my church. Bless.

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