Wednesday, December 29, 2010


It's no secret that I have a soft spot for all things framed. I remember, the first time I visited New York, I drove my travel companions somewhat crazy by constantly suggesting "Hey, if you framed this, I bet it would look real nice". And we ain't just talkin' 2D poster-like material. Any type of artifact, in my view, was perfectly frame-able. No wait, is perfectly frame-able. I still immensely enjoy to see a three-dimensional object framed.

So imagine my pleasure when Johan gave me a framed wooden jigsaw puzzle this Christmas - it's the one hanging below the one with the type-print, which I in turn gave him for Christmas. He found it in a frame-shop in Copenhagen where apparently the owners, an elderly married couple, bickered back and forth about the prize before finally settling on an amount they could both agree to.

It strikes me just now what a clever trick that is. I mean, haggling over the prize not with you customer but with your colleague. Cos what customer would have it in them to haggle some more after that?

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